Flowers in the garden on summer. /Landscaped flower garden with lots of colorful blooms on summer.
Everyone wants a lush, green lawn to welcome them to their yard when they come home every day. Spring is the perfect time to update or install a lawn in your front yard. Some people think that maintaining a lawn is a difficult task that will take up all of your free weekends and evenings. […]
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Because of the dry climate in Utah, there are some pest issues that are much less prevalent here than they are in other parts of the United States. One of these pests we don’t have to deal with quite as often as some of the more humid states, is bed bugs. Because they aren’t a […]
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As we mentioned earlier this month in our post on spring lawn care tips, tips on lawn mowing are vast and enough to fill a blog post of their very own. Here is a look at some essential lawn mowing tips as you begin mowing your lawn this spring.
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Utah weather has been on the edge of spring for about a month now, and that has a lot of us thinking about spring lawn care once again. With lawn care, of course, there are some basic dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind if you want your lawn to look green […]
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Many homeowners along the Wasatch front deal with a variety of household pests on a regular basis—black widows, spiders, boxelder bugs, ants, wasps, and yellowjackets, for example. And while pest infestation may seem like a natural part of homeownership here in Utah, the good news is that there are actually a variety of ways to […]
As a business owner and a longtime observer of the pest control and lawn care industry I have seen dramatic changes over the years, but none more dramatic than the change brought on by the door to door pest control revival, especially here in Utah.  I know the subject is a little controversial but I […]
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In Utah, male and female Hobo Spiders mature to adulthood from June to September and are actively seeking to mate.   This is the time of year when Hobo’s are most frequently encountered.  The females will start laying eggs sometime around mid September. Along with Hobo Spiders, many spiders are more active at this time of […]
Even though the soil in Utah is rich with iron, trees all across the state are suffering from an Iron deficiency, or Iron Chlorosis Disease. Plants with this iron disease will develop weak yellow leaves that scorch in the summer heat and drop too early.  Without treatment the problem will progress to the point where […]
Lawns in Utah require 1 to 2 inches of water per week WATERING IN 70 TO 80 DEGREE WEATHER Water 2 to 3 times per week Set watering time to achieve 1/2 inch of water per station per day For fan style pop up spray heads, like the one pictured above, average time is 15 to […]
Tip 1:  Use the seasonal adjustment setting on your timer. The seasonal adjustment setting is the easiest way to adjust watering time as the weather gets hotter and cooler.  Set your station watering times to correspond with 75° weather. As it gets hotter increase the seasonal percentage to 120 or 130%.  As it gets colder set it to 70 […]
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