Pest Control
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Many homeowners along the Wasatch front deal with a variety of household pests on a regular basis—black widows, spiders, boxelder bugs, ants, wasps, and yellowjackets, for example. And while pest infestation may seem like a natural part of homeownership here in Utah, the good news is that there are actually a variety of ways to […]
As a business owner and a longtime observer of the pest control and lawn care industry I have seen dramatic changes over the years, but none more dramatic than the change brought on by the door to door pest control revival, especially here in Utah.  I know the subject is a little controversial but I […]
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In Utah, male and female Hobo Spiders mature to adulthood from June to September and are actively seeking to mate.   This is the time of year when Hobo’s are most frequently encountered.  The females will start laying eggs sometime around mid September. Along with Hobo Spiders, many spiders are more active at this time of […]