Lawn Service
Raking leaves
Now that autumn is in full swing, we’re getting less scorching sun and more moisture for our lawns. Gradually, plants are beginning to hibernate and so there’s a lot less maintenance that needs to happen. However, there is one particular chore that is taking up more and more of our time and attention: leaves! Those […]
cleaning rain gutters
During the fall, plants shed their leaves and get ready to hibernate. They store up energy and send down more roots. It’s a busy time for gardeners and homeowners, too. Just as the plants you tend are preparing for winter, you can take some measures to prepare effectively for the season and ensure that your […]
reseeding lawn
Now that the summer months are drawing to a close, it might feel like time to slow down on lawn care. After all, your grass is growing much more slowly as the chilly weather progresses, and you don’t need to worry about the scorching sun as much. However, fall is an important time for your […]
Dead spots of grass in the lawn.
Nothing gets in the way of having the perfect lawn like a large spot of dead grass. Not only is this a major eyesore, but it can actually be unhealthy for the lawn around the dead spot. However, you don’t have to simply accept when a dead spot develops in your yard. Here is a […]
lawn aerator
The basics of lawncare are pretty simple. Your lawn needs sun, water, and fertilizer. However, there’s an extra step that many people either ignore, or simply don’t know how to use to best effect: aeration. Lawn aeration opens up your lawn’s roots and soil to water, air, and fertilizer that they need in order to […]
Lawns in Utah require 1 to 2 inches of water per week WATERING IN 70 TO 80 DEGREE WEATHER Water 2 to 3 times per week Set watering time to achieve 1/2 inch of water per station per day For fan style pop up spray heads, like the one pictured above, average time is 15 to […]
Tip 1:  Use the seasonal adjustment setting on your timer. The seasonal adjustment setting is the easiest way to adjust watering time as the weather gets hotter and cooler.  Set your station watering times to correspond with 75° weather. As it gets hotter increase the seasonal percentage to 120 or 130%.  As it gets colder set it to 70 […]
We wish we could simply tell you how long to water per day to achieve a green lawn but systems vary too much.  Here is the best way to determine watering time per station Set out flat-bottomed containers at various locations on the lawn, both in the healthy areas as well as in the brown […]