Trees & Shrubs
Kid plays with dead leaves
Fall is a gorgeous season for many reasons. For example, the cloudy nature of fall means that there is more saturation outside, which means that photographs look nicer. However, the number one aesthetic benefit of the fall is that the leaves change and begin to fall down. All of the different autumn colors that nature […]
Raking leaves
Now that autumn is in full swing, we’re getting less scorching sun and more moisture for our lawns. Gradually, plants are beginning to hibernate and so there’s a lot less maintenance that needs to happen. However, there is one particular chore that is taking up more and more of our time and attention: leaves! Those […]
Cutting branches
One of our favorite things about trees is that they don’t require the maintenance that other things like grass or annuals do. Once they’re well-established, they don’t even need watering; they get their nutrition straight from the taproots. However, the truth is that there’s still some baseline maintenance that needs to be done even on […]
cleaning rain gutters
During the fall, plants shed their leaves and get ready to hibernate. They store up energy and send down more roots. It’s a busy time for gardeners and homeowners, too. Just as the plants you tend are preparing for winter, you can take some measures to prepare effectively for the season and ensure that your […]
Why Add Mulch to Your Flowerbeds
Gardening season is coming up soon. We want our yards to look beautiful and in full bloom when the time is right. But the time may not be yet to start mulching your flower beds. Be sure to give the soil a chance to thaw out completely. If you cover your beds with mulch too […]
Even though the soil in Utah is rich with iron, trees all across the state are suffering from an Iron deficiency, or Iron Chlorosis Disease. Plants with this iron disease will develop weak yellow leaves that scorch in the summer heat and drop too early.  Without treatment the problem will progress to the point where […]