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Tree and Shrub
Insect Control Spraying

$85 - $95

Average price per teatment

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  • Customized treatments to address individual plant needs
  • Powerfull equipment to reach tall trees
  • Folliage fertilizer added FREE to all general insect sprays
  • Insect treatments
  • Disease treatments
  • Fertilization
  • NO BINDING CONTRACTS. You can cancel your service at any time. Service continues from year to year until you tell us to stop

Certified Arborist
Visit and Evaluation


Price for a diagnostic visit

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  • A physical inspection of all landscape plants
  • A diagnosis of pest problems and plant needs
  • A customized plan of action for your trees and shrubs
  • If you order tree and shrub service we will subtract the arborist evaluation cost from your program

Tree and Shrub
Deep Root Fertilization

$95 - $115

Average price per treatment

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  • Soil injections around the root zone of your trees and shrubs
  • We provide a deep, thorough and professional fertilization of your plants
  • Includes chelated iron and 12 other nutrients, custom mixed
  • Includes a systemic insect control added at no additional cost to eliminate root weevil and other root feeding bugs
  • All treatments come with Stewart’s Total Satisfaction Guarantee
Tree & Shrub Programs

Our tree & shrub programs protect your landscape from a wide variety of problems. Each treatment works like diet and exercise; the more consistent you are the healthier your plants become. Just a few applications per year can dramatically improve the health and beauty of your landscape. We have several programs to choose from. Our 5-visit service is our most popular program and provides the most complete coverage.
Deep Root Fertilization

If you do nothing else for your trees and shrubs, you should fertilize them! Stewart's Deep Root treatments deliver a custom blend of iron-rich fertilizer directly to the root zone of your plants. For more serious cases of iron chlorosis we will bypass the root system completely and inject nutrients directly into the trunk. With Stewart's, we will bring the tools and the expertise to give your plants exactly what they need.
Spraying for Insects

Destructive insects like aphids, borers, and beetles will feed on your landscape like an all you can eat buffet. You don't need to keep your garage stocked full of chemicals to fight them off; you just need to give us a call. Our experts will quickly identify these problems and solve them safely and effectively so that you won't have to.
Certified Arborists Utah
Certified Arborists

Without expert help, tree and shrub care can be overwhelming. That's why we have certified arborists on staff. We know the plants, we understand the climate, and we track the pest activity. Sign up for service and we will perform a thorough yard analysis, make recommendations and customize your program to suit your landscape. Your treatments will arrive on schedule without fail and your plants will get the care they need.
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