Your Guide to 5 Common Spiders in Utah

The Halloween season brings skeleton decorations dangling on porches, children dressing up as superheroes, and spiderwebs hanging in corners and eaves. The question is, did you hang the spiderwebs yourself, or did a spider leave the webs there?

Here is a guide to some common spiders in Utah. We’ll tell you characteristics of the spiders and the best way to treat for them.

Black Widows

Black Widows are easily identified by the red hour glass on their underside. Their bite is poisonous and can be fatal to young children and seniors. Some bites occur when people are cleaning out garages or moving wood, because the spiders build their webs in these areas. Wear thick gloves to avoid a harmful bite. Contact a pest control company to get rid of the spiders.

Cellar Spiders

As pictured above, cellar spiders are known for their long legs and small body. They often live in dark, cool places like cellars and basements. They build webs in corners of garages, eaves, sheds, and other small spaces. Make sure windows and doors are sealed to keep the spiders out. Also, use yellow light bulbs outside the house. Cellar spiders are attracted to white light.

Crevice Weavers

Crevice weaving spiders make webs in small places such as wall crevices, porches, and eaves. People often mistake them for brown recluse spiders, but brown recluses do not live in Utah. Contact a pest control company to treat for crevice weaving spiders.

Jumping Spiders

These spiders are one of the most common indoor spiders in Utah. They are best known for their jumping movement. They like to find their prey around windows, because their eyesight is better in sunlight. Even though they bite, it’s not poisonous to humans. When you see a jumping spider in your house, vacuum up the spider and the web. Then dispose of the contents in the bag while outside.

Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are most prevalent in the fall. They get their name from the way they catch prey. While other spiders build webs to catch prey, the wolf spider hunts. They stalk, run after, and pounce on their prey. Inside they live on main floor levels, under couches and other sheltered places. Outside they live under stones, wood and leaves. To prevent the spiders from entering your home, make sure door and windows screens are secure and free of holes.

You could leave the spiders and webs to show your family and friends your love of Halloween, or you could let Stewarts take care of the situation with our Bug Barrier program. Call 801-226-2261 for a free estimate.