5 Easy Watering Tips for Utah Lawns

Your lawn doesn’t need to be a mystery. Learn how to properly care for your grass from our blog posts. This post gives a few watering tips you might not have considered before.

Tip 1:  Use the seasonal adjustment setting on your timer.

The seasonal adjustment setting is the easiest way to adjust watering time as the weather gets hotter and cooler.  Set your station watering times to correspond with 75° weather. As it gets hotter, increase the seasonal percentage to 120 or 130%.  As it gets colder set it to 70 or 80%.

Tip 2:  Increase your watering time when you go on a summer vacation.

Significantly increase your watering time when you leave for a vacation in the summer.  Over-watering for a short time is no big deal because it won’t cause lasting damage, but if you under-water, it takes 3 to 4 weeks for brown spots to recover. Make sure you have someone checking on your home and yard to make sure no emergencies arise while you’re away.

Tip 3:  Clean your filters mid-season.

The water at the bottom of the city tanks has more sludge in it, so as the season progresses and the water level gets lower, more debris is sent down the line. Cleaning your sprinkler filters will help keep your sprinkler system clear and more efficient throughout the year. You should also check your sprinkler filters at the beginning of the year to make sure they’re clear before you start watering again in the spring. If your filters are old or clogged, it can make your sprinklers much less efficient or even plug up your whole watering system.

Tip 4: Pay attention to wind and water pressure.

watering lawn

Wind conditions and water pressure fluctuate throughout the day.  Pay attention to the weather forecast and try to avoid watering when it’s too windy outside because the water won’t be able to get to the root system. You should also try to water when the water pressure is at a normal level because your sprinklers can give the proper amount of water. However, it can be hard to gauge whether the water pressure is low or normal, so don’t worry too much about this, but try to adjust your watering time accordingly.

Tip 5:  Don’t sweat the high heat.

When temperatures reach the mid-90s and 100s, it is hard to keep a lawn looking good.  This kind of heat will reveal all of the imperfections in your soil and your sprinkler system.  Rather than retooling your sprinklers in order to fight the extra heat, it might be better to hand-water the areas you care about (like brown areas in the front lawn) and wait for the weather to cool down a little.

Check out our video for more watering tips: