fall leaves on house

Be Leaf-Smart this Autumn

Now that autumn is in full swing, we’re getting less scorching sun and more moisture for our lawns. Gradually, plants are beginning to hibernate, so there’s a lot less maintenance that needs to happen. However, there is one particular chore that is taking up more and more of our time and attention: leaves!

Those beautifully-changing leaves are falling from our favorite trees and resting on the ground. Whether or not you have a deciduous tree in your yard, you’re probably experiencing a lot of leaf clutter on the ground. At this point, many people wonder, is there an easier way to do this?

Here are some tips to help your fall leaf maintenance go smoother:

  • Mow fallen leaves for better mulching
  • Don’t store leaves by your house
  • Use a tarp to help with clean-up
  • Do fall clean-up regularly

Mow fallen leaves for better mulching

Some people don’t bother with raking leaves. However, instead of leaving the leaves to sit on the surface of the lawn, they mow the fallen leaves to encourage better breakdown and mulching effects. This contributes effectively to the lawn’s nutrients.

If you decide to go this route, we suggest mowing in the morning before the dew has evaporated. This prevents dry leaf-dust from getting kicked up all over your yard and into your sinuses.

Don’t store leaves by your house

Do you know what loves the smell of fallen, decaying leaves? Termites. However, termites won’t nest near the fallen leaves unless they find a good amount of wood (preferably damp wood) nearby. For this reason, you never want to store your raked and bagged leaves by your house, or even by a woodpile in the yard.

Piles of dried leaves can also become a fire hazard, so don’t store your leaves indefinitely. Dispose of them, or find a way to compost or reuse them.

Use a tarp to help with clean-up

The tricky thing about raking the leaves in your yard is getting the whole area. You might end up with various piles of leaves throughout the yard that will dissipate the moment a breeze sweeps through. Instead, think about using a tarp. By raking or blowing the leaves onto the tarp, you can move them around in bulk easily. This also makes it easier to dispose of the leaves.

Do fall clean-up regularly

It might be tempting to just wait until your trees have shed all of their leaves before you start the clean-up process. However, if you make it a frequent job, you’ll have a much easier time. You’ll be able to fit the fallen leaves into your weekly green garbage pickup schedule instead of having numerous extra bags. You’ll also have an easier time of it each time you pick up the rake.

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