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Extra Lawn Tips for Summer

One of the nicest parts of summertime is being able to go out in your own yard and relax on your nice, green lawn. Not only does a lawn provide a soft, safe space for you and your family to enjoy time outside and play or socialize, but it also helps maintain a lower temperature. For this reason, it is highly worth it to make sure that your lawn is healthy and lush during the summer season. Here are some extra lawn care tips to remember around summertime…

Mow to Keep the Lawn 3-3.5 inches long

Mowing your grass to prevent it from growing too wild or getting out of hand is an important aspect of lawn care. However, some people go a little overboard and mow their grass too low. The problem with this is that grassroots grow deeper when grass grows higher. If you continuously over-mow your lawn on a low setting, then your grass is going to struggle to get water and the nutrients it needs to stay green and healthy.

Water in the morning

Nobody likes a prickly, dry, and brown lawn. Usually, such a thing is the result of under-watering your lawn. While this is usually due to neglect, some people may be underwatering their lawn without even realizing it because they water during the daytime. Watering in the heat of the afternoon means that you are losing a sizeable amount of water to evaporation before your lawn has the chance to absorb it. For this reason, it is a good idea to water your lawn in the mornings. You can also opt to do it during the night, but there is a heightened chance of your lawn getting a disease if you do this.

Check out our video for more watering tips:

Use seeds in the fall

After a long summer of heat and running around and playing on your grass, it probably is going to have gone through quite a bit of stress. Even well taken care of lawns are liable to have developed a few weak patches after the summer season. For this reason, it is a good idea to reseed your lawn during the fall, after the major heat waves have ended. This helps fill in rough patches and makes your lawn even thicker for the next year. Aim to do this earlier in the fall, so that the seeds have time to take root before winter hits.


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