aphids on plant

Getting Rid of Aphids

Aphids are the worst enemy of every gardener, as they can absolutely wreak havoc on a garden if they are left to their own devices. However, they are just as dangerous to the rest of the yard, as well. Aphids are small light-green insects that are surprisingly resistant to changes in climate, and can multiply across a yard of plants, in no time! Here are some different strategies that you can use to get rid of aphids, or to prevent them before they even get there.

Use cold water

When you notice that aphids are on a plant, don’t panic. Aphids strongly dislike cold water, so spraying a plant with cold water may make the aphids more likely to let go of the plant and head somewhere else.

Put flour on plants

Aphids don’t have the digestive system to process flour, so eating flour will make aphids constipated and unable to chomp down on your trees and plants. For this reason, sprinkling some flour on the leaves of your plants can slow down the damage that aphids do.

Use horticultural oil or soap

Some natural compounds will push aphids away. Look for natural horticultural oil or types of insect-repelling soaps to spray on plants in danger of an aphid attack.

Use alcohol spray

A good dose of alcohol is enough to knock an adult on their back, and it can be absolutely destructive to insects like aphids! You can make an alcohol solution by mixing together water and alcohol with a little bit of liquid soap. This will be harmful to the aphids, and hopefully, push them to leave the plant. Be warned, though, that some plants will be harmed by the alcohol solution.

Use other insects


Why worry about killing aphids when you can get some other insects to do it for you? Try purchasing some insects that aren’t going to eat your plants, but instead will feed on all of the destructive insects, such as aphids. A good example is ladybugs, which can be ordered by the thousands!

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