How to Prevent a Bedbug Infestation

Because of the dry climate in Utah, there are some pest issues that are much less prevalent here than they are in other parts of the United States. One of these pests we don’t have to deal with quite as often as some of the more humid states, is bed bugs. Because they aren’t a common pest for many people, they often miss the signs of an infestation until it’s a big problem, and then they don’t know how to take care of the issue.

Adult Bed bug
Adult Bed bug

How to tell that you have bed bugs

Bed bug larvae are so small that they can fit in a stitch hole in your mattress. Full-grown bed bugs aren’t that large, and chances are that you won’t even see them. If you find yourself waking up itchy, with small red bug bites on your body, you may want to investigate. Another sign of bed bugs is waking up with small blood smears on your bedding. These are caused by you accidentally squishing a bed bug in your sleep as they feed.

How to avoid bringing them home

Many people that end up with bed bugs in their home bring it from somewhere else. If you go traveling somewhere with a wetter climate, like anywhere on the East Coast, for example, you’ll want to take extra care to make sure you don’t bring them home with you.

The first step is to check the reviews of your accommodations. It’s likely that if that hotel has ever had issues with bed bugs, someone will have written a review about it. If you see any red flags, make other arrangements!

Keep your luggage away from the bed. Bed bugs won’t leave the furniture they’ve made a home in, so if you keep your suitcases and luggage away from the bed(and any upholstered furniture), you’re much less likely to bring a hitchhiker home.

Put your laundry in plastic bags. When you pack everything back up at the end of your travels, keep them all inside these plastic bags! If you do happen to have a bedbug on your clothes, keeping them in a plastic bag will keep them from moving to a more permanent home.

Wash everything as soon as you get home! It can be tempting to leave everything in your suitcase for a few days as you get readjusted to being back at home, but this gives the bed bugs a chance to get comfortable, lay eggs, and spread.