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Lawn Mushrooms & How To Get Rid Of Them

Have a lawn mushroom problem? Worry not! Lawn mushrooms are a common occurrence during mild, wet weather. Fortunately, most lawn mushrooms are harmless and indicate healthy soil.

What Are Mushrooms? 

Mushrooms are the reproductive structure of some forms of fungi.  These fungi reproduce through spores found in the mushrooms we see on our lawns. Spores disperse from the mushrooms, travel through the air, and germinate into new mushrooms. 

Types of Mushrooms

There are two major groups of mushrooms: edible and poisonous mushrooms.

Edible mushrooms include the button, portobello, crimini, hedgehog, maitake, shiitake, lobster, porcini, chanterelle, enoki, and beech mushrooms. These mushrooms are eaten in soups or meat dishes and are either white or brown. 

Poisonous mushrooms include web cap, death cap, autumn skullcap, destroying angels, and deadly dapperling mushrooms. People and animals who consume these mushrooms may suffer liver damage, kidney problems, or even death. 

Why Mushrooms Are Growing in My Yard/Lawn

Lawn mushrooms may appear in your yard because of rainfall, damp soil, organic matter, and shade. You are likely to notice mushrooms sprouting during rainy seasons or when the soil is overwatered.

Decaying trees and animal waste also create organic matter that promotes mushroom growth, and shady areas provide a particularly favorable growth environment. 

Are Mushrooms Good or Bad?

Lawn mushrooms indicate that the soil is healthy because fungi can only grow on healthy soil that contains adequate organic matter from trees and shrubs. Mushrooms can also further improve soil fertility by causing other organic matter to decay or by decaying themselves. 

While mushrooms can be an indicator of healthy soil, some mushrooms can contribute to the spread of vegetation diseases such as brown patches and rust. This is part of the reason our lawn specialists do not recommend consuming mushrooms from your yard unless you have consulted with a vegetation expert. 

How to Get Rid of Mushrooms

You can get rid of mushrooms on your lawn with EPA-approved fungicides. Just be sure to closely follow the instructions for use on the product label. 

You can also try these chemical-free methods to eliminate mushrooms from your yard: 

  1. Mulch with grass clippings to help balance fungi and bacteria content in the soil.  
  2. Aerate to help displace the moisture required for mushrooms to grow. 
  3. Follow a strict watering schedule to regulate soil moisture. 
  4. Cut overhanging branches and uproot decaying tree stumps/roots that create shade and organic matter needed for mushroom growth. 

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