clover mite

How to Treat and Prevent Clover Mites

Are tiny red bugs taking over your home? Clover mites (or lawn mites) are invading homes in full force this year, and they can be hard to get rid of. Learn how to repel these little pests in this post.

Introduction to Clover Mites (Lawn Mites)

clover mite closeup
Clover mite

Clover mites are pesky little arachnids that invade in large numbers. Although they don’t cause much damage to the trees, shrubs, grass, and clover that they feed on, lawn mites are very annoying when they come inside.

The good news is mites are harmless to humans—they don’t bite or cause health issues. Regardless, you still probably don’t want to share your home with them.

Clover Mite (Lawn Mite) Description & Identification

Clover mites are usually red and oval-shaped, but they can also be green or brown. Mites have long front legs and four shorter back legs. They are tiny (only about .75 mm long), so you might not notice them right away.

If you see small red stains on your carpet or near your windowsills, they might be from clover mites. You’ll usually see the tiny bugs hanging out near windows or warm areas, so look for them there.

In some areas, mites are a nuisance in spring because large groups of them come inside after heavy rain and frequent changes in temperature. If you notice a few mites in your house, chances are you already have an infestation that needs to be treated.

Clover Mite (Lawn Mite) Treatments

Special insect control sprays called miticide can get rid of clover mites; Stewart’s treats homes infested with clover mites as part of its pest control program. However, because the miticide has a noticeable odor, technicians generally only add the miticide to their chemical tank for people who request it.

Usually, the mites can be effectively controlled after only one or two sprays. However, Stewart’s bug barrier program has a free respray guarantee, so if you’re still having problems with mites, we’ll come out in between regular treatments for free! Call or text our office at 801-226-2261 for a free quote today.