Fertilization for Utah Soil

lawn fertilizerAt Stewart’s Lawn Care Company, we believe that fertilization is a central component of any comprehensive lawn care plan. Therefore, we offer custom blended fertilization as part of our complete lawn care program. Custom blended fertilizer is essential for nourishing and getting the most out of Utah soil, which tends to be dry and lacking in some nutrients. We even have a degreed horticulturist adjust our custom fertilizer blend every week to ensure that it is giving your Utah soil exactly the nutrients it needs.

Here is a look at the unique needs of Utah soil and how our custom fertilizer blend can be the answer for greener, healthier grass.

Nitrogen supplement
We offer competitive pricing so that many homes along Salt Lake City and the Wasatch front can benefit from our services. With our exclusive lawn care program, for example, you can expect to pay between $48 and $58 per visit for an average sized lawn, with 6 visits scheduled throughout the year. And with our special free treatment offer, you can receive a free treatment when you prepay for our complete lawn care program. We also offer unlimited free service calls with our lawn care program.

Additional nutrient supplement
Utah soil generally contains an adequate supply of most nutrients needed for healthy grass growth; however, fertilization is essential for ensuring that your grass soil contains the proper levels of all of those needed nutrients. The right blend of fertilizer will supplement what is already in your Utah soil to maximize its fertility.

pH Management
pH is the measure of acidity or alkalinity of a substance. A soil’s pH level determines the availability of essential plant nutrients. Soil in Utah, for example, tends to exhibit relatively high alkalinity, which in turn can make Utah soil iron deficient. pH ultimately impacts whether or not plants thrive in soil, so it’s important to consider pH as you fertilize your lawn. The right fertilizer can help maintain a soil pH that encourages strong and healthy grass growth.

One final important thing to note here is that fertilization needs vary greatly, even within the state of Utah. That is why we at Stewart’s take site specific factors into account when fertilizing your lawn. For more information about are complete lawn care service, contact us today.