Weed Control for Utah Soil

lawn weedsAt Stewart’s, we understand the pain that weeds can be when they invade your lawn. That is why we offer premium weed control service as part of our comprehensive lawn care plan. As we work on your lawn, we take the unique needs of your Utah soil into account. Here is a look at the most common weed concerns and how our weed control service can get your Utah lawn looking great again.

Weed control for noxious, toxic, or invasive weeds

The terms noxious, toxic, and invasive are often used interchangeably to refer to pesky weeds, but the terms do indicate somewhat different weed concerns. Noxious weeds are weeds that are considered harmful to the environment, other plants, or animals. These weeds are designated by federal and local governments and can reduce crop yields, damage watersheds, increase soil erosion, negatively impact surrounding plant life, and more. Toxic weeds, meanwhile, while not necessarily classified as noxious, can severely harm surrounding plant life and therefore cause significant damage to your lawn. Invasive weeds are those that are not native to a specific location but have the potential to spread very quickly. All of these weeds can severely damage your lawn, and therefore it’s important to control them as quickly as possible once they are spotted.

Weed control for benign weeds

Benign weeds are those that will not significantly damage your lawn, but which will take away from the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. Even though these weeds are not toxic or dangerous, they do take away from an otherwise beautiful lawn. Therefore, you should definitely take care of benign weeds as part of your overall weed control program.

At Stewart’s, we make weed control an integral part of our comprehensive lawn care program. We use five different weed control products over the course of the season to ensure you get the best and most effective weed control possible. These products work to kill harmful and aesthetically displeasing weeds on contact, all while preserving your beautiful grass. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you control the weeds in your Utah lawn.