About Hobo Spiders in Utah

If you’re seeing a lot of spiders in and around your home, there’s a possibility that what you’re seeing are hobo spiders. Hobo spiders are relatively common in Utah, but they can be hard to distinguish between other spiders.

About Hobo Spiders

  • They like to habitate log piles, rock piles, holes, and anywhere where tall grass meets the foundation of your home or concrete.
  • They make funnel shaped webs, and then wait at the small hole at the bottom of the funnel for their prey to make contact with their web.
  • Because of the way their feet are designed, they have difficulty climbing smooth or slick surfaces, such as painted walls. This is why, often, if you see a hobo spider in your home it will be on the floor, especially in basements. If you see a spider on your wall or ceiling, there’s very little chance that it’s a hobo spider.
  • Hobo spiders CAN climb, however. Any surface that provides them with enough friction, such as carpet, cement, curtains, etc. will allow them to easily climb. They often get stuck at the bottom of tubs and sinks, because the porcelain is too difficult for them to climb up.
  • Hobo spiders only bite if they feel incredibly threatened, and they are not considered poisonous or harmful.
  • You’re most likely to see hobo spiders in August-October when they’re looking for a mate, and in the spring when they’re looking for places to set up their webs.

Getting Rid of Hobo Spiders

Removing hobo spiders from your home or lawn isn’t dangerous, but it’s best to let a pest control professional come and get rid of any possible infestations you may have, because they’ll be able to positively identify whether or not it’s actually a hobo spider and they’ll be able to guarantee that the problem is properly eradicated.

If you need help with hobo spiders, contact Stewart’s today.