Healthy Trees & Shrubs.



1. Tree and Shrub Fertilization is the most important thing you can do for your landscape. It’s affordable and we can give you a price right over the phone.

2. Insects, Mites and Borers are destroying trees and shrubs all across Utah. Our treatments can keep your plants pest free and healthy.

3. Iron Chlorosis disease is killing trees in every neighborhood. If your trees have yellow shrunken leaves we have the solution.

4. Talk to an Arborist today. Call 801-226-2261.

Tree & Shrub Care Special Offer


For up to 2,000 sq./ft.

One treatment will give your plants a powerful boost; two treatments will give them all of the nutrition they need for the year.

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Certified Arborist Visit

Without expert help, tree and shrub care can be overwhelming. That’s why Stewart's has ISA-certified arborists on staff. Order an arborist visit and we will perform a thorough yard analysis and create a treatment plan you can trust.

Tree & Shrub Fertilizer

If you do nothing else for your trees and shrubs, you should fertilize them! We can deliver a custom blend of iron-rich fertilizer directly to the root zone of your plants. For more serious cases of iron chlorosis we can bypass the root system completely and inject nutrients directly into the trunk. With Stewart’s, we’ll bring the tools and the expertise to give your trees and shrubs exactly what they need. 

Insect & Disease Control

Ugly, half dead trees and shrubs are a common sight in every neighborhood. If you want to keep your plants safe from pests and disease you don’t need to become an expert and stock your garage full of chemicals, just give us a call. Our specialists will identify problems and treat them professionally.

A 5-Star Review From One Of Our Clients

“Stewarts has been amazing! This is our second year with them. Despite the drought, our lawn looks fabulous! We highly recommend them.”

-Joy G.

Our Total Satisfaction Guarantee

Our tree and shrub care treatments are designed by certified arborists to give your landscape plants exactly what they need, when they need it most. We guarantee that any tree and shrub treatment you receive will be applied perfectly to your total satisfaction or we come back and do it again at no additional cost.