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In forests, trees survive on the nutrients provided by the soil in a self-sustaining environment. When the tree sheds leaves, the leaves rot and turn into nutrient-rich organic matter, which improves the soil and benefits the tree.


This natural cycle of decay is often interrupted for trees in landscapes. In manicured landscapes, instead of decaying naturally and nourishing the soil, fallen leaves are disposed of to give the yard a clean look. In addition, trees must compete with lawns and other plants for limited resources, which often results in nutrient deficiencies.


A professional, comprehensive tree fertilization service like Stewart’s Tree Service can help replenish soil nutrients and strengthen your trees each year.



Why Should You Fertilize Your Trees in Spring?

Utah and the surrounding areas have a relatively dry climate with cold and snowy winters. When spring comes in late March, the snow melts gradually as the temperature rises. This creates a warm and humid climate that is excellent for tree and shrub fertilization because the nutrients will be readily absorbed into the plants.

Fertilizing trees and shrubs in spring is great for the following reasons:

  • Spring is the season that shrubs and trees are actively growing after a dormant period during winter.
  • Young trees gain their strength in spring, taking up nutrients to grow faster.
  • The green leaves and rich color of trees and shrubs return in spring, optimizing photosynthesis and, consequently, plant growth.
  • Spring is the perfect time to supply nutrients to sustain the trees during the hot summer, dry fall, and cold winter weather.

Why Choose Us?

Most trees do best with two rounds of fertilizer a year (once in spring/summer and once in fall). Stewart’s tree and shrub fertilization program is a two-treatment service that includes granular fertilizer formulated specifically for trees in landscapes and liquid fertilizer injected directly into the soil around trees and shrubs in lawns. We also offer tree trunk injections for large trees located in parking strips or other hard-to-reach places. Our arborist-approved, comprehensive approach to tree and shrub fertilization ensures your trees will receive the nutrients they need the whole year.  

Stewart’s advanced tree fertilization technique also nourishes your plants without damaging them or contaminating ground and surface water. When you use our tree fertilization services, your yard will benefit from the following advantages:

  •  No nutrient wastage, leaching, or contamination of the surrounding environment
  •  Better nutrient absorption and consequent faster growth
  •  Steady tree and shrub growth

If you choose Stewart’s, you’ll also find that our expertly trained tree technicians are professional, friendly, and thorough. They apply the fertilizers in the proper ratio to ensure rapid uptake for healthy trees and shrubs. 

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