Stewart's pest technician in a truck

The Story of Stewart’s Pest Control

Our story begins in the 1970s, when the pest control company Bryce Stewart worked for went out of business, leaving him to search for new opportunities.

Unsure where to go next, Bryce talked with his wife, LaVaun, about creating their own pest control company. An accountant and entrepreneur herself, LaVaun was unsure about the idea at first. While considering the business idea, she had a dream that her home was covered with bugs—but when she picked them up, they turned into money. Her dream was the reassurance they needed, and within a few years, Stewart’s Pest Control was born.

Stewart's pest technician

As owners of a new start-up business, they had to be creative and self-reliant, so Bryce designed and built his own spraying system on the back of his truck. He put two 55-gallon drums in the back of his truck, mixed the chemical by hand, and connected a small electric pump that he could plug in to spray people’s homes. The company grew quickly from there!

Trouble with Billbugs

In the 1980s, Utahns started having problems with billbugs—an annoying, lawn-destroying pest. In answer to this problem, many national pest and lawn companies started creeping into Utah, so Stewart’s responded by adding lawn care services to the company. That move paid off because lawn care is now the most popular service Stewart’s offers.

As the company (and their family) continued to grow, the Stewarts’ four sons helped spray during their school years. Eventually, two of their sons (Rick and Mike) bought the business from their parents and still manage it today.Stewart's lawn technician

Stewart’s has grown from a tiny family business—with just one truck, one technician, and one service—to a successful company with a fleet of trucks, over 30 technicians, and multiple services.

Founded on principles of hard work and family-focused service, Stewart’s continues to be a family-centered company committed to doing the job right—no matter what. At Stewart’s, we focus on the science behind our treatments because we’re dedicated to building the best quality service for our customers—while never compromising on company values of excellence, respect, and integrity.

You can learn more about our services and get a free quote today by calling our office at 801-226-2261.