Why Add Mulch to Your Flowerbeds

Why You Should Add Mulch to Your Flowerbeds

Are you looking for a simple way to improve your flowerbeds? Try adding mulch this year! Mulch is aesthetically pleasing, boosts soil nutrition, improves insulation, retains moisture, and controls weed growth.

Before adding mulch to your flowerbeds, follow these guidelines:

  1. Make sure the soil has thawed out completely because mulching too early may slow the soil warming process. Mid-to-late spring is usually the best time to mulch.
  2. Weed your flowerbed so you have a clear area to work with.
  3. Till and level out the soil.
  4. Evenly spread the mulch over the area.

Improves Soil Nutrition

As the mulch decomposes, it transfers nutrients into the soil. Before spreading a new layer of mulch, till the previous year’s mulch into the soil first. This helps incorporate the nutrients from the old mulch into the soil so it stays healthy and fertile.

Improves Soil Insulation

In addition to improving soil nutrition, mulch also moderates fluctuations in soil temperature. In winter, it insulates the roots of perennial plants; in spring, mulch protects the soil from light frosts that can kill sprouts. Mulch also reduces plant stress in the summer by keeping roots consistently cool.

Helps Retain Moisture

Because mulch insulates the soil, it retains more moisture. Watering once or twice a week should be plenty for your flowers to thrive. During hot, dry seasons, this is especially helpful because it prevents soil compaction that can occur from frequent watering.

Controls Weed Growth

A 3-inch layer of mulch reduces the amount of sunlight that reaches weed seeds, which can help prevent germination. Many seeds that do survive die out before reaching the surface of the mulch layer, and the few that grow through the mulch are easy to remove because they have shorter roots.


If you’re seeing weeds in your flowerbeds this year, check out our flowerbed spraying program. Stewart’s flowerbed spraying program eliminates and prevents weeds from growing. To learn more or for a free quote, call our office at 801-226-2261!