Lawn Care and Pest Control Services in Provo, UT

Mountain view of Ogden, UtahStewarts is a proud company with nearly 5 decades of experience in helping families throughout Utah, and Provo is no exception to that fact. Our experienced lawn care and pest control specialists help Provo families and business owners maintain beautiful and safe properties. Check out some of the fantastic services we offer to the people of Provo:


Provo Pest Services


Our company is proud to be the leading residential pest control leader in Utah for over 45 years. We work hard to ensure that Provo families are able to feel safe and secure in their homes without the fear of any creepy crawlies invading their private space. And we also help Provo businesses stay compliant with local codes with our pest control services.


Lawn Care Servicing


We know that Provo is one of Utah's most beautiful cities, and the homes and businesses in Provo should match the gorgeous mountain locale. Because of this reason, it’s our mission to offer the best lawn care services in Utah, something we’ve been accomplishing for over 45 years. Our fertilization processes are bar-none the best around, and we strain ourselves making sure that weeds are eliminated and prevented. We also help property owners prepare their lawns for the harsh winter season, which is something that Provo people know a lot about.


Greenery Servicing

Aside from our lawn care services, we also provide excellent tree and shrub care for our Provo clients. From planting trees and shrubs to improve your home’s aesthetic beauty and to increase curb value, to maintaining those trees and shrubs to ensure that they are always in fantastic shape, our technicians take a great amount of care in every tree and shrub that we service.


Call us, today!


If you are an inhabitant of Provo, Utah, or know someone in the neighborhood who is in need of any of the aforementioned services, don’t hesitate to give our skilled team a call to see how we can help you! Whether it's pest control or lawn care, we've got you covered.


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