About Boxelder Bugs

Identifying Utah Boxelder Bugs

The boxelder bug is a pest that you can find in most regions of North America. It’s a tree bug that can are usually found on boxelder, ash, and maple trees. They’re relatively prevalent in Utah, and you may notice the small dark brown or black bugs in and around your home as the weather begins to get colder. They’re recognizable because of the bright red wing veins and red abdomen. Boxelder nymphs are bright red.

Boxelder bugs like to enter your home during the cold months, as they seek a place for warmth and to overwinter. They’ll remain inactive inside walls and under siding until they think it’s warm enough to exit. Sometimes, the heat from your furnace will trick them and make them think it’s spring, which is when you’ll see them wandering around your home during the cold months.

Boxelder Bug Pest Control

During the spring, they will leave the safety of their hibernation to feed and lay eggs, usually on maple or ash trees. If you have maple or ash trees near your home, this may be why you’re seeing boxelder bugs entering near the windows and doors. Having the boxelder bugs exterminated will prevent you from having a larger infestation when spring comes around and they begin mating and laying eggs.

Boxelder bugs are pretty harmless; they won’t bite you and rarely disturb plants. They mainly feed on Acer seeds. However, they tend to congregate, which is why they’re considered a pest. The chances of you seeing many boxelder bugs is more likely than just seeing one. Getting rid of boxelder bugs can be very difficult because of their tendency to congregate together.


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