aphids on plant

How to Get Rid of Aphids

Aphids are tiny insects that can multiply very quickly and wreak havoc on a garden. They target a variety of plants (rosebushes, dahlias, fruit trees, vegetables, etc.) and come back every year.

If you cultivate a garden, chances are you’ve had problems with aphids in the past. While commercial control methods are often the most effective, the following at-home methods may also help get rid of aphids in your yard.

Cold water

Spraying the aphids with cold water will deter them temporarily. If possible, use a high-pressure setting to help separate them from the plant. This is a short-term solution that should be coupled with other control methods for longer-lasting results.


Aphids on a cherry tree leaf

You can also try sprinkling flour on your plant leaves. Aphids don’t have the digestive system to process flour, so spreading flour can help prevent aphid-related damage. As with any control method, make sure you research your specific plant and verify that it can tolerate flour before using it.

Horticultural oil

Compounds like horticultural oil or neem oil naturally deter aphids and other damaging insects. These oils are most effective when they are sprayed directly onto the aphids because they evaporate quickly. Before using oils or other control methods, make sure your plants are receiving enough water because plants struggling with drought conditions can be damaged by insect control.

Soapy water

Soapy water can also temporarily remove aphids. However, some plants will struggle more if you use soapy water, so double-check that the plants in your garden are hearty enough to handle it.

Other insects


Instead of trying to remove the aphids yourself, you can rely on aphids’ natural predators. Try purchasing some insects that aren’t going to eat your plants, but instead will feed on the destructive insects. A good example is ladybugs, which can be ordered by the thousands. You can also buy green lacewing larvae or assassin bug eggs if you prefer. If you choose to introduce predatory insects to your yard, make sure they are properly spread out for the best results.

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