Over-seeding Your Lawn in Fall

Now that the summer months are drawing to a close, it might feel like time to slow down on lawn care. However, fall is an important time for your lawn’s health and growth. During this time, grass recovers from summer damage and stores energy in the root system for future growth. If your lawn is old and thinning or has bare spots, now is the best time to over-seed/re-seed those areas.

Re-Seeding and Over-seeding

The main difference between re-seeding and over-seeding is the amount of grass seed you’ll end up using. Bare areas that need to be re-seeded will require a much thicker layer of grass seed than thinning parts of the lawn that simply need to be over-seeded.

Cooler temperatures and increased rainfall make autumn the perfect time to spread grass seed. Before spreading the grass seed, follow these steps to prepare your lawn and soil for the new seed:

  • Check your sprinklers to ensure your lawn is getting good coverage, and fix any problems before you begin.
  • Trim the lawn short so the seeds can sink into the soil more easily.
  • If over-seeding, we recommend aerating the lawn next.
  • If re-seeding, we recommend raking up the dead grass and gently tilling or scarifying the bare spots to soften the soil.Aerator closeup

At this point, your lawn is ready for the new seed. Spread the grass seed with a seeding tool and keep the grass well-watered to encourage germination. You will likely need to water every day until the new grass starts growing (usually about two weeks). During this time, avoid mowing areas with new growth. You can start mowing those areas again once the new grass is about as tall as the grass around it.

Other Fall Maintenance

Overseeding or re-seeding can help thicken your lawn and repair dead spots. You should also fertilize the lawn in fall to benefit the root system. Be sure to keep mowing and watering your lawn throughout the autumn months, and before it snows, trim the lawn as short as possible to prevent winter diseases.


While Stewart’s does not offer re-seeding or over-seeding services, we do offer a lawn spraying program. Stewart’s lawn spraying service includes seasonal fertilizer, weed control, and grub control. Call or text our office at 801-226-2261 for a free quote and more information about our lawn spraying service.